Target Retrieval System are designed for automatic target transport between designated points at high speeds and can be used for sport, police and military shooting with short and long firearms. Each target carrier can be operated from wireless or wired remote control or from stationary touch screen assigned to each target carrier. There is also possibility for operating all target carriers simultaneously from tablet device or PC computer. Basic version is equipped with two-speed drive motor – fast ride and slow approach to set position. Advanced version can be equipped with smooth speed regulation drive – it’ allow to set speed of walking or running man etc. The device meets the requirements of the regulations of the ISSF ensures the smooth conduct of the competition and training, as well as guarantees security of their course. We offer a wide range of target carriers depending on needs. All target carriers can move along mono or dual rail track.

The device meets the requirements of the regulations of the ISSF ensures the smooth conduct of the competition and training, as well as guarantees security of their course, because it completely eliminates the need for operator (shooting instructor) to stay in the shooting area. Targets Carriers are transporting targets at high speeds approx. 7m/s (option 3 m/s) and slowing down at about 1,5 .. 3 meters before carrier reach its destinantion (selected distance). Targets stop occurs automatically at the selected distance or at base position.


We offer different versions of target carriers operating within one system depending on customers needs. The most basic version driven with steel cable allow to transport targets to designated distances using fixed speeds ( fast ride and slow approach to set position), where most advanced versions allow for variable (smooth) speed  regulation as well as rotation functionality. Speed regulation allow user to set speed of walking or running man etc. and shoot at running target. The rotation functionality gives shooter ability to program complex scenerios e.g. target is closed until target carrier reach 10 meter distance, then opens for next 5 meters and close again. Friend or Foe rotation functionality allows additional target move (Neutral / Friend / Foe ) allowing even more complex scenerios improving shooters decision making skills forcing shooter to make instant decision whether or not to shoot.

Underneath table consist different models of target carriers functionality.

TTS comparison


The device for transporting targets for pistol and rifle shooting for distance up to 100m TTS-25/50 type is designed for automatic target transport from the firing point to selected distance and can be used for sport, police and military shooting with short and long firearms. In the version with stop at 10 m it can be also used for airgun shooting. Targets carriers are driven using steel cable. The drive unit is mounted above the firing points.

Target Carrier TTS-25 is a modern microprocessor-controlled device with a friendly software for easy operation.

Target Carrier System use prototype solutions, not previously used in the devices currently manufactured in Europe, such as:

  • wireless remote control
  • the ability to easily and freely program shooting distance by the user from the remote control,
  • the possibility of unusual shooting with a variable line of fire,
  • the ability to shoot at running target,

What makes this device belongs to the most modern equipment currently manufactured in Europe and worldwide.

Basic equipment includes:

  • power unit – including gear motor
  • runway – including a running rail, steel rope stringing , end stops,
  • trolley with a target holder,
  • power and control unit using microprocessor system,
  • remote for control and programming of device.

In the standard version – the device can stop at programmable distances, eg. 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m (50m, 100m) with an accuracy of +/- 3 cm.

These distances are set individually by the user.

Basic specifications

  • power supply:
    – main circuit – 3 phase., 220/380V, 50Hz (option: 1 phase -220V)
    – control circuits – 220V 50Hz, 12V=, 5V=
  • drive motor – two-speed, 3 phase 220/380V, 50Hz
  • input power – Option 1 – 0,075/0,7 kW ; Option-2 – 0,075/0,55 kW
  • current consumption – Option 1 – 0,84/1,73A Option 2 – 0,9/1,9A
  • control – with remote control for the shooter
  • protection classes – device Class I, control unit and remote Class II
  • working conditions – temperature 0-70 C,
  • trolley speed: – Option 1 -3,5m/s / 1,2 m/s; Option 2 – 7m/s / 1,2m/s

Device is controlled and programmed from wireless remote control.

The target holder is divided in two parts, allowing to lift or completly unmount it if necessary.

Selecting the shooting distance and Targets Carrier operation

Distance selection is performed by pressing a small selection button – located on the front of the remote control or touchscreen when the carrier is at the firing point.

As an option we can make a version of the conveyor moving in the path of arc dual rail with target rotator functionality controlled wirelessly

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