Table for remote firing of weapons

1. Purpose

Table for remote firing of weapons  is designed to fire any kind of weapon equipment (small arms long and short). Table works with bullet interceptors.

2. Table for remote firing weapons build

The construction of of the table for the remote firing of the firearm is made of powder-coated steel or stainless steel and equipped with transport wheels, brake and a rotation lock. This allows easy movement and after locking the wheels ensure stable operation during shooting.

The table is equipped with height adjustment mechanism for mounting firearms in the approximate 120cm +/- 20 cm in relation to the ground, using a lift system. Lifting is accomplished using two buttons arranged on the side of the table.

Built-in controls allow smooth adjustment of the position of the handles horizontally and vertically in the range of approx. ± 10 degrees, enabling precise targeting of weapons in the bullet interceptor.

Uses adjustable clamping handles finished with rubber pads sliding and locking on the basic structure, enabling fast, unlimited attachment of long and short firearms.

Table  is equipped with a remote-controlled pneumatically powered trigger with the indicator measuring the pressure on the trigger and switch responding to the sound of the shot, and the time limiter of the force of pressure on the trigger causing it turn off after approx. 60 seconds. Pressure on the trigger is limited to about 15 kg.

After switching system operation on bijnik – actuator operates under full pressure allowing to fire a shot through a direct impact on a weapon cock or firing pin.

In the bottom bar there is built shock absorber that reduces the effects of recoil with replaceable cartridges with different characteristics depreciation.

Table is equipped with shells scavenger (with bag) which can be arbitrarily set by aligning the firearms to the structure.

The construction of of the table is made of stainless steel and aluminum or powder coated steel for easy cleaning of the entire station and ongoing maintenance with cleansing agents generally available.

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