Gas ammunition shot chamber

Gas ammunition firing chamber

1. Purpose

Gas ammunition firing chamber is designed to fire gas ammunition from a gas weapon.

2. Gas ammunition firing chamber build

Gas ammunition firing chamber  is made of stainless steel and equipped with transport wheels, brake and a rotation lock. This allows easy movement and after locking wheels provide stable operation during shooting.

A cabinet housing is made of:

  • rear wall, top and bottom are made of stainless steel gr. 2 mm

  • front and side walls are made of Plexiglas (10 mm thickness).

Plexiglas walls allow free observation of the phenomena of shooting with gas weapons.

The entire chamber is sealed and ventilated which allows you to work with the weapon without access to the gas exhaust fumes.

Weapons operation is done manually by rubber sleeves mounted on the front wall made of Plexiglas.

On chamber bottom there is a gutter made of plastic which directs the fired shells into the containment tray.

There is hermetic drawer mounted to the bottom of the chamber needed to put the gas weapon inside, for removing shells and delivery of neutralizing detergents for the periodic neutralization chamber.

Directly above the hermetic chamber cage there is mounted air ventilation system consisting of:

  • Single-phase fan with a capacity of 0.68 KW (In = 2,8A) with electronic speed controller with a capacity from 500 to 2600m3 / h,

  • pocket prefilter class EU 4

  • active carbon filter

  • multifarious contra throttle regulation and shut-off at the air inlet

  • flexible connections in air inlets and outlets

  • connector for connecting a flexible hose 200 fi (150) and exhaust duct.

The ventilation system is used to purge the chamber and filtration of extracted air from the chamber and after neutralization, removal outside the room.

There is air inlet connector installed to the bottom of the chamber to which user need to connect the hose fi 200 (150) enabling to throw out the air outside of the room in which chamber is mounted.

Access to filters and their cleaning and replacement is carried out from the top after taking off inspection panel.

The construction of of the table is made of stainless steel and aluminum which allows easy cleaning of the whole station and ongoing maintenance cleansing agents generally available.

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