Running target


Target carrier for running target shooting TTP-25

Urządzenie do transportu tarcz do strzelań z broni kulowej do celów ruchomych typ TTP-25 is designed for automatic target transportation and can be used for sport, police, hunting and military shootings short and long firearms, ensuring the smooth and safe shooting.

Running target moves transversely (optional: oblique) left and right with fixed speeds. The device may be installed at the distance of 10, 15, 25 or 50 m (or otherwise). Targets carriers are driven using steel cable.

Basic equipment includes:

  • power unit – including gear motor (option with speed regulation)
  • runway – including a running rail, steel rope stringing , end stops,
  • trolley with a target holder,
  • power and control unit using microprocessor system,
  • remote for control.

Basic specifications:

  • power supply:
    – main circuit – 3 Phase., 220/380V, 50Hz (option 1 phase 230V)
  • – control circuit – 12V/24V AC, DC,
  • drive motor – two-speed, 3 phase 220/380V, 50Hz (option 1 phase 230V)
  • input power – approx. 2,2 (0,8kW)
  • control – from the desktop – the control pendant on the firing point operated by the shooter or autotrainer
  • protection classes- I and II
  • trolley speed:
    – device mounted at the distance of 25 m – approx. 1 m/s and 2 m/s,
  • – device mounted at the distance of 50 m – approx. 2 m/s and 4 m/s,
    – option – adjusted smoothly from the control unit

The device control is carried out from the control pendant button START at the firing point.

When you press the START button, target carriers moves from left to right and vice versa.

Using STOP button, we can stop the target carrier anywhere on the path to look at the shooting results through a telescope. Optionally, it is also possible to observe target on screen at firing point.

Using mode switch user can choose the type of work – we can set a manual control or enable automatic trainer. Simulator automatically initiate target movement at specified time intervals which can be easily adjusted using knob to set a time appropriate for each shooter.

User can change trolley speed using Speed-selector setting it to fast or slow.

There is also a version of Target Carrier moving in the path of arc or dual rail with target rotator functionality controlled wirelessly.