We offer a complete equipment for bullet, airgun and buckshot shooting ranges mounted in police, the military, sports (sport shooting, biathlon, modern pentathlon), hunting etc. facilities:

  • Target Retrieval System (Rail System, Cable system, with upper or lower configuration, TTS, WTTS)
  • Turntable device (five-targets, five-targets friend or foe (IFF) type, UOS, WUOS)
  • Target Rotators (friend or foe(IFF) type, wireless and wired, USS, WOT)
  • Systems for situational shooting (popup targets, target rotators, universal popup-rotator targets for lightweight and heavy targets, wireless and wired, USS, WOT)
  • Running target (moving along, across, arc, integrated positioners for police, army etc.)
  • Equipment hunting shooting ranges (wild boar, hare, deer, flights, trap, skeet – stationary and mobile)
  • Target Retrieval System for airguns related shooting (Rail System, Cable system, with upper or lower configuration)
  • Target Rotators for airguns related shooting (five-targets, five-targets friend or foe (IFF) type)
  • Running target for airguns related shooting (moving across, wild boar, hare, deer)
  • Bullet traps, safety shields, steel deflectors, wall, ceiling and floor ballistic baffles, any type of anti-ricochets shields
  • Finishing works (rubber-polyurethane boards, acoustic insulation etc.)
  • Forensic laboratory equipment (tables for remote firing of weapons, research ballistic tubs, a gas ammunition dispostion chamber, a bullet interceptor, weapon holders etc.)
  • Chambers for controlling and verifying weapons design for use at shooting ranges and gunsmith workshops
  • stand (lane) tables, shooting stalls, stands for telescopes, counters itd.
  • Shooter Training Systems (m. in. SCAT, RHT)
  • All kinds of additional equipment (video surveillance, sound system, etc.)
  • Electronic scoring systems – electronic targets (np. Sius)
  • Warning and alarm systems itd.
  • Any kind of additional accessories (targets, hearing protectors, shooting glasses etc.)

We offer a comprehensive implementation of the shooting ranges starting with the technological design, comprehensive construction project, help in the selection of equipment, the furnishings and fittings shooting range in every type of equipment needed, ending in choice of right covers for protection against noise and ricochets.

We also provide technical expertise, technical concepts, shooting range certification, etc. associated with above-mentioned subjects. We provide advice and consultation for investors interested in building and equipping shooting ranges.

We can take on the completion of deliveries of equipment and supplies of electronic targets with electronic reading hit results, electronic simulators to enable situational Live fire training animated real situation on the screen, laser sights to the registration of vibration of weapons and equipment using traditional solutions.

We equip laboratories for forensic research:

  • tubs for ballistics (comparative research)
  • gun control and research chambers
  • a bullet interceptors
  • tables for remote firing of firearms
  • other related devices.

Our group is constantly, dynamically evolving, introducing new types of devices and new technologies. The device presented here is only part of our offer. In the case of non-standard contracts we are able to construct and deliver virtually any type of device.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by phone or email, our employees will advise and help.