Interactive laser-beams / live-fire shooting training system TDSE

  TDSE training system provides the ability to perform basic and specialized shooting training simulating the conditions occurring in the course of the service, to improve shooting skills in all kinds of shooting and also to perform recreational shooting. The combat shooting training using the system TDSE aims at realistic training of the actual use of force scenarios using service weapons. TDSE device allows training of the armed forces at all skill levels. The system allows to improve the shooting skills of all types and allows you to make shootings purely entertainment – recreation.

  Thanks to the modular design it is possible to adapt it to the current training needs and to build upon in the future. The simulator allows to conduct training using weapon replicas with laser emitters mounted, using combat weapons with laser inserts in the form of a “bullet”  or using weapons with live ammunition.

  Training exercises are displayed on the screen using multimedia projector. Depending on the software installed on the computer can be a shooting practice or interactive simulation of intervention scenarios based on the movie.

The system can be used with weapons for live ammunition and laser IR emitters – invisible:

  • weapons with live ammunition (only version for live fire training)
  • laser inserts for combat weapons in the form of “bullet” (among others 9mm, 7.62mm, Smooth-bore shotgun)
  • weapons replicas with laser emitters and blowback  ( Glock 17 i 19)
  • kits for the adaptation of combat weapons containing recoil mechanism and the laser emitter

  Software features:

  • universal software in Polish or English (new language can be added)
  • software includes target used by Police forces  and many others commonly used in shooting (ability to add your own)
  • various possibilities of targets movement – including moving target, raising, sloping, rotating, etc.
  • movie scenes, including scenes filmed with the participation of the Polish Police officers  (possibility to add any user videos)
  • universal animated computer-generated sceneries and objects
  • long-distance shootings
  • IPSC shootings
  • hunting, TRAP, SKEET
  • software allows simulation of any shooting distance with regard to ballistics – By selecting eg. 50m rifle shooting, but shooting from a distance of 5m software will make proper corrections
  • the software calculates the bullet trajectory, depending on the type of ammunition
  • standard possibility of two people shooting at the same time (up to 5 lanes per screen)
  • during the warranty period, when the system is connected to the Internet we provide remote support in case of any problems
  • after installation of the system we provide free software update for the first 12 months – new modes, new animations, new targets, new movies (the possibility of extending the period of support)
Interaktywny System Treningowy MILO RANGE ScreenShot

TDSE training system is available in two versions:

   1) The system for the laser and live-fire training

The system for laser and live-fire training is mounted on the shooting range in such a way that it is possible to perform the traditional shooting to target carriers and rotating friend or foe targets(IFF type). TDSE screen is fully foldable and controled from computer running the software. User can fold/unfold the special screen using touch screens or tablet. After unfolding screen we can shoot the scenes movie, animation, full range of targets displayed on the special paper screen, long-life (~ 20 000 rounds of 9mm ammunition).

The base set for laser and live-fire training mounted permanently on the shooting range includes:

  • computer controller mounted in the rack cabinet installed in the control room
  • two touch screens min. 23 “- one for the controling of the software, the other for viewing
    the image displayed on the screen
  • additional tablet for controling the system directly from shooting range (enabling to perform training without the presence of instructor in control room)
  • sound system mounted on a shooting range
  • sound system in the control room with special microphones mounted on a shooting range which cut out the sound of shots – shooting instructor located in the control room can hear everything going on shooting range
  • special screen with electric drive 250-420cm width (depending on the capabilities for installation at the shooting range), and the mechanism of the electric lifting / lowering paper and the entire cassette (ie. to replace the paper or for any other maintenance works)
  • roll of a special two-layer paper (about 50m) sufficient to approximately ~ 20,000 shots
  • industrial projector with high brightness in the bulletproof housing
  • laser inserts in the form of “bullet” for use with a live-fire weapon – standard two inserts 9mm
  • GLOCK pistols replicas with invisible laser emitters and recoil system driven with 200 bars compressed air – normally two sets
  • necessary cover, wiring, installation
  • additional control modules, allowing full control of all system elements from PC or tablet (eg lowering / raising of the screen, turn on the projector and lighting, etc.).
Interaktywny system treningowy MILO RANGE

2) The system with the possibility of laser training in a mobile version or the version to be installed in any room (training room).

The system can be used with weapons replicas and laser IR emitters – invisible mounted in live-fire weapon:

  • laser inserts for live-fire weapons in the form of “bullet” (9mm)
  • weapons replicas with laser emitters and recoil mechanism driven by compressed air (Glock 17)

The base set for laser training, a mobile version or the version to be installed in any room (training room), includes:

  • Computer PC
  • industrial high lumen projector
  • active speakers
  • detection camera

All system elements are placed in a protective transportation box. Users needs to place case on the table open the sides of the box and the trainer is ready to use.

  • laser inserts for live-fire weapons in the form of “bullet” (9mm)
  • weapons replicas with laser emitters and recoil mechanism driven by compressed air (Glock 17)
  • PC keyboard and mouse for controling the system

These elements are placed in a hermetic PELI transport box.

  • universal software in English
  • projection screen on two tripods
  • 200 bar air bottle
Interaktywny system treningowy MILO RANGE - wersja mobilna