Bullet interceptor

1. Purpose

Bullet Interceptor have been used in forensic research and is used for gentle braking of the projectile fired from a firearm without causing distortion. It allows searching projectile with the metal detectors.

2. Bullet interceptor build

Bullet interceptor  is made up of a box of non-magnetic material – with a thickness of 5 mm and cross-sectional box approx. 400 x 400 mm with opening covers approx. 500 mm. After opening the cover, you can put a handle on the construction of the box catcher.

The total length of the box consisting of two separate sections is approx. 2800 mm.

The supporting structure is made of stainless steel (stainless steel) and it is equipped with transport wheels, brake and a rotation lock. This allows quick adjustment of interceptor in any place and coordinate with tables for remote firing of weapons.

The segments are connected via a sliding section 2 on the section 1 connectors.

Each segment is divided into three chambers after approx. 50cm. Between the chambers there is a gap filled with two layers of cardboard, between which there is thin stiff cardboard inserted used for initial control of projectile flight.

The individual chambers are filled with different materials inhibiting launched projectile and include:

  • compartment No. 1 – cotton wool
  • compartment No. 2 – cotton wool
  • compartment No. 3 – aramid synthetic fibers (Kevlar – DuPont)
  • compartment No. 4 – HOLLOFIL fibers (DuPont)
  • compartment No. 5 – aramid synthetic fibers (Kevlar – DuPont)
  • compartment No. 6 – aramid synthetic fibers (Kevlar – DuPont)