Forensic and research laboratories equipment

We equip laboratories for forensic research - tubs for ballistics (comparative), gun control and research chamber, a bullet interceptor, tables for remote firing of firearms, etc. other related devices.



Bullet Interceptor

Bullet InterceptorBullet Interceptor have been used in forensic research and is used for gentle braking of the projectile fired from a firearm without causing distortion. It allows searching projectile with the metal detectors.


Table for remote firing of weapons

Table for remote firing of weapons2Table for remote firing of weapons

Table for remote firing of weapons  is designed to fire any kind of weapon equipment (small arms long and short). Table is compatible with bullet interceptors. Gun can be shoot remotely with pneumatic trigger pull device or firing pin (hammer) hit device.



Gas ammunition firing chamber

Gas ammunition firing chamber

Chamber is designed to allow user to safely fire gas ammunition. Plexiglas walls allow free observation of the phenomena of shooting with gas weapons.

The entire chamber is sealed and ventilated which allows you to work with the weapon without access to the gas exhaust fumes.

Weapons operation is done manually by rubber sleeves mounted on the front wall made of Plexiglas.



Research ballistic tubs

Research ballistic tubs

Ballistic tubs are designed to to collect comparative material for identification research in criminal studies as well as weapon and ammunition operation studies.

In comparative studies water bullet traps are used as bullet interceptors, where we are interested in capturing the projectile with minimal deformation.