Device purpose

The device for transporting target for shooting using ball ammunition firearms to the deer target from 100 meters distance. Carrier is designed for automated target transportation and can be used on hunting shooting ranges using long firearms.

The target is transported to the firing line and it is moving at two speeds quickly around 5 m/s and slowly around 0.5 m/s, the trolley starts running at fast speed and then slow down when moving on arch before carrier reach its destination . These speeds are automatically controlled without user intervention.

The target carrier controller, mounted on the wall next to the drive, allows user to control the departure and return of the carrier using 3 buttons “DEPARTURE”, “STOP”, “RETURN”.

Device description

The device consists of the components:

  • drive unit with gear
  • inverter controls the operation of the target carrier engine
  • drive system – consisting of rail track, drive cable, cable turn wheel and cable tensor,
  • wózki z uchwytem do transportu tarcz z trzymaczem tarcz -szt.3,
  • trolley with 3 target holders
  • intermediate trolleys – auxiliary – 2 pcs
  • Supply and control units,
  • control cassette

Basic specification

  • main circuit-3 x400/230V 50Hz,
  • Drive motor – one-speed, 3-phase 400/230 V, 50Hz, separate motor fan power supply
  • input power- approx. 2,2 kW
  • Operating temperature : 0 .. 50 ºC.