1. Purpose

The AZT-50 device for automatic targets feed is designed for pistol and small-bore rifle shootings from 50m distance and can be used for sport shootings.

The device ensures the smooth conduct of the competition and training, secure their course if device is used properly according to instruction manual and safety regulations at the shooting range.

The device meets the the regulations requirements of ISSF and PZSS.

2. Description and characteristics of the device

The device in standard version consists of the drive unit, including gear motor, power supply and control unit, external wiring and control pendant.

The device move the targets, which are wound around the cylindrical drum. Target feed is followed by pressing the corresponding button up or down.

3. Basic specifications

1.3.1. Power supply: – control circuits -12V DC,

1.3.2. Input Power – approx. 30 VA;

1.3.3. Protection class

– device – Class II

– control panel and adapters – Class II

1.3.4. Engine -12 V DC

1.3.5. Device weight- approx. 55 + 20 kg

1.3.6. Dimensions:

width – 635 mm

height – 1000 mm

depth – 250+ 430 mm

base – 700 mm